Bossa Nova Acerola Red Peach

Bosssa Nova Acerola Red-Peach

This is a delicious beverage, and reformulated to only 90 calories (previous versions were 130 calories). It is domainated by peach flavor, but has unbeliveable amounts of vitamin C due to the acerola (1200% RDA!). The tart fruits (probably mostly acerola)balance the peach and mango juice/pulp. The beverage is very pulpy as can be seen in the photogtraph, but no significant fiber. Bossa Nova should consider adding some baobab to get the fiber content up, and add some tartnes and acidity to the product.

contents: 10 fluid ounces cost: NA (sample from trade show)

Nutrition Information

Serving size: 10 fl. ounces
calories: 90
grams fat: 0
sugars: 23 grams
sodium: 15mg
potassium: 280 mg
vitamin C: 1200%
vitamin A: 8%
thiamin: 2%
copper: 2%

ingredients: acerola juice, peach juice, orange juice and mango purree from concentrates (water, acerola, peach and orange juice and mango purree concentrates), water, organic agave nectar, natural flavors and organic stevia leaf extract